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Glossary of Terms

Compliance Policies & Procedures

Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information

Beneficiary Financial Incentives for Gifts, Promotions or Rewards

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Audit & Monitoring

Code of Conduct

Communication of Regulatory Guidance & Changes

Compliance Guidelines, Reinforcement & Terminations

Compliance Hotline

Compliance Policy & Plan

Conflict of Interest

Designation of Compliance Officer

Individual Right of Access to Protected Health Information

Investigation of Reported Incidents & Complaints

Non-Intimidation & Non-Retaliation

Office of Inspector General/General Services Administration Exclusion Checks

Oversight of Marketing Materials

Personal Representatives of Individuals

Privacy & Security of Beneficiary Data

Privacy Breach Response Plan

Public Reporting

Record Retention Requirements

Reporting Probable Violations of Law

Training & Knowledge Updates

Operations Policies & Procedures

Adding & Removing Participants & Preferred Providers

Beneficiary Discharges & Dismissals

Beneficiary Notifications and Data Sharing Preferences

Beneficiary Rosters

Benefit Enhancements

Governance Structure

Insider Trading

Meeting Minutes

Next Generation Program Waivers

Shared Savings Distributions

Voluntary Alignment

Writing a P&P Using the ACO Policy Guidance Template

Quality and Care Coordination Policies & Procedures

Analytics & Reporting

Beneficiary Education & Self-Management

Beneficiary Engagement & Communication

Beneficiary Risk Identification & Stratification

Care Coordination Program

Medical Records

Medication Reconciliation

Promotion of Evidence-Based Medicine

Provider Access & Availability

Quality Improvement Program

Specialty Referrals

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